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Connecting optimally with shareholders and potential investors?

It is critical to have an open, transparent, and controlled communication with your investor community. CONNECT is an online solution designed for public companies to easily establish, engage, support, and maintain effective connections to increase shareholder base and value.

What is the CONNECT Solution?

We believe the foundation for future success for all public companies is a combination of strategic content publishing and maximizing the connection the public company has with their current shareholders and potential new investors. By leveraging the power of CONNECT, companies become more visible, powerful, and valuable while creating and controlling their own online community.


If you don’t CONNECT, expect that someone else will...

93% of organizations use social media content as their main content marketing tactic. (Content Marketing Institute, 2015)

Unfortunately, if businesses only post on third party sites, they do not gain the benefit from creating new and original content which CONNECT encourages and promotes.

Social Media and SEO were named as the most difficult marketing tactics to execute. Both tactics are time-intensive requiring skilled resources not always available in-house. (Ascend2, 2016) 

Through CONNECT’s portal, easily execute social media campaigns and with its proprietary technology, search engine optimization goals can be reached effortlessly.

% of consumers say that authenticity of content will influence them to follow a brand. (Bazaar Voice)

With CONNECT, gain interest in your company by creating and publishing authentic user-generated content that is engaging and useful.


% of digital marketers see the biggest challenge as producing engaging content. (Content Marketing Institute, 2015)

CONNECT is the solution for online engagement with users. Engaging content is easily created through the portal by asking, recommending, referring, and more.

% of marketers indicate building brand communities has increased traffic, improves search engine rankings, and ultimately drives traffic to your website to increase recognition and engage loyal customers through community platforms. (Hubspot)

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Benefits for Public Companies...

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